Focus Panel

Focus, it is aimed to create peaceful workspaces that are visually and aurally isolated in open office environments. With its modular structure, many different usage scenarios can be created such as for spontaneous meetings, a comfortable, quiet resting area, isolated work areas … Magazine holder, white board and hanger accessories satisfy overall user / employee needs.

Grid Coffee Table

Despite its slim and plain contours, Grid brings power and prestige to the environment; its wide work area, and the electrification solutions on both of its sides, as well as the functionality offered by the storage areas, it fulfills all of its user’s expectations.

Hexa Waiting Sofa

Thanks to its modular structure, it gains ground in many different locations in different combinations. Hexa became a product that is capable of addressing the needs of its user and the environment it is in

Keops Sofa

Reflecting splendor and prestige to your offices with its slim legs, and wide and comfortable sitting area, Keops was designed true to the skyward narrowing silhouette of the pyramids.

Levels Meeting Table

“Perfectly blending wood with leather, Levels allows managers to easily focus on the meeting.” Levels provides a comfortable and convenient work environment for the strong leaders and managers focusing around a topic, opinion or presentation


Offering comfort and harmony together, Nar is bringing liveliness to offices.

Neat Coffee Table

While it appeals to the eye with stylish and simple contours, Neat Coffee Table addresses all user needs in an office with its wide product family.

Norm Coffee Table

Norm coffee table representing solidity with its block lacquered leg structure, reflects the power and prestige desired in executive rooms. It integrates into harmony with the furniture in its environment with the help of its refine and modern design, and also allows your guests to be hosted in a comfortable atmosphere

Note Coffee Table

The value that executives want to see in workspaces with clean details and simple design throughout their interactions with both their employees and their social circles is symbolized in NoteOffice Collection.


Offering comfort and harmony together, Nar is bringing liveliness to offices.


Poly multi-purpose armchair family, with its space-saving minimal design, soft texture and curved structure which surrounds the user ; it easily finds a place for itself in all areas of the office, homes, restaurants and hotels. With its different material and color alternatives, Poly adds a lively and warm atmosphere to its environment. It creates enjoyable spaces that encourage socialization by differentiating traditional waiting areas.

Puzzle High Meeting Table

Puzzle High Meeting allows communication at eye level by standing or sitting, provides mobility in the office as it encourages standing. With accessory additions, it can be used as a meeting table for spontaneous and informal meetings, or it can be configured as a work desk suitable for individual use. While the felt-covered acoustic panel in the upper section provides sound insulation, the side perforated panel allows efficient meetings thanks to the screen integrated on it.