Poly multi-purpose armchair family, with its space-saving minimal design, soft texture and curved structure which surrounds the user ; it easily finds a place for itself in all areas of the office, homes, restaurants and hotels. With its different material and color alternatives, Poly adds a lively and warm atmosphere to its environment. It creates enjoyable spaces that encourage socialization by differentiating traditional waiting areas.

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Poly is a multi-purpose product family that can be easily used in meeting, waiting and similar areas as well as in home-offices, cafes and restaurants with its organic form and simple line in new generation offices, where concepts such as dynamism, movement and speed are the basis. Thanks to its minimal lines and ergonomic design, it occupies an ideal space in narrow spaces and also offers a comfortable sitting experience. With its different feet forms, colors and materials, it meets the needs of the user and the different concepts of the spaces.


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