Arte Coffee Table

ARTE; with its elegant but strong metal legs, different tabletops and color options, it aims to gather its users around it as a complement to any furniture and a beautiful accessory that is compatible with every environment.

Beluga Waiting Lounge Chair

Beluga; defines the seating function of two individuals as space while providing its self-supporting with the arch forms created by the combination of many trusses’ projections on the floor. The inward curves created by the arc forms, which settle on the floor, provide stability of Beluga and enable users to position their legs backward during the seating action.

Bend Coatrack

Bend Coatrack offers perfect and permanent solutions through the concept of “intelligence simplicity

Bistrodern Meeting Table

In situations that require sharp, rapid, and accurate decisions to be made, a person needs self-confidence. Confidence is a necessary need of the brain, which sets it free, allows ideas for the future to blossom. Designed with this point of view, Bistrodern holds the modern attitude of both the past and the future.

Bliss Coffee Table

Bliss coffee table group is designed to offer elegant and functional solutions with an innovative style.

Bug Coffee Table

Creating decorative areas with a geometric form and color alternatives, Bug coffee table series is reflecting the naturalness and warmth of solid wood to your workspaces

Crab Chair

The Crab family is a perfect choice for meeting, waiting, training, and seminar areas.

Cross Coffee Table

Masterfully bringing together functionality with its plain and geometric design, Cross is a timeless product that can be used in any period.

Dem Saloon Waiting Chair

Dem Saloon, which is covered with felt fabric and rising on metal feet, is a seating series with unique, stylish and different lines designed to add aesthetic value to waiting areas. In addition to the difference created by the design with the original "V" form and the addition of magazine, it also brings comfort and warmth.


The Fishbone panel family has been developed to create private areas in workspaces. Its modular structure, which allows for countless combinations, can be added end-to-end in accordance with the area it will be used, providing flexible solutions. In open offices; it creates isolated workspaces that are free from distracting visual and audio problems and are suitable for focusing.

Flat Waiting Bench Chair

Flat airport bench is a comfort center that meets today's needs. Meeting all user needs, Flat is designed for all public areas where waiting moments are important. The product, which has a suitable structure for the dynamics of architectural spaces with its strong construction and geometry, stands out with its hidden assembly details, elegance and sophisticated style.

Flower Coatrack

Inspired by flowers, the Flower coatrack adds an elegant look to your offices with its iconic look and colorful design.