Executive Chair

Assist Executive Chair

Assist’s back surface made out of net fabric gives a sense of lightness and total harmony with your posture

Bold Executive Chair

Bringing efficiency to the forefront for its busy working life, Bold performs strongly in work environments with its high ergonomic features.

Capo Executive Chair

Capo is appropriate for all tastes and office environment, from executive offices to meeting areas with its various color options.

Comfy Executive Chair


Comfy operational seat with simple lines provides comfortable use with adjustable seat height and mesh back support.

Foldit Executive Chair

Combining classical and modern items, Foldit stands out with its sophisticated stance. Despite the splendid perception that the user has awakened, it brings together the contrasts in harmony with its thin and linear structure.

Frame Executive Chair

Recognizing its user by his/her unique spinal structure, Frame’s design is hundred percent oriented towards comfort.

Grand Executive Chair

Grand office chair creates comfortable areas of use with the waist, back and neck support.

Lord Executive Chair Chair

Lord Executive series office chair model, with its spectacular appearance, is the appropriate solution for executive rooms.

Magnate Executive Chair

Designed to make its user feel privileged, Magnate brings harmony to work and living spaces with its balanced and proportional design in addition to its functionality.

On Executive Chair

On Chair is designed for six different positions that can be locked once the backrest is adjusted.

Rare Executive Chair

Rare orients its user towards a correct sitting position by taking shape according to their physical features.

Ronin Executive Chair

The executive office chair, inspired by the power of the Ronins, which consists of people who aim to bring change and innovation in management with their free spirit.