Managerial Chair

Assist Operational Chair

With the back and waist support, and adjustable font features, the operational series office chair Assist gives you freedom to move by stretching along with your body throughout the day.

Capo Operational Chair

Capo is appropriate for all tastes and office environment, from executive offices to meeting areas with its various color options.

Comfy Operational Chair

Comfy operational seat with simple lines provides comfortable use with adjustable seat height and mesh back support.

Foca Chair

Designed for a single seating, Foça creates a warm atmosphere in the environment it is used in, thanks to its wooden leg combination compatible with artificial leather, fabric and felt coating with a wide range of colors.


Poly multi-purpose armchair family, with its space-saving minimal design, soft texture and curved structure which surrounds the user ; it easily finds a place for itself in all areas of the office, homes, restaurants and hotels. With its different material and color alternatives, Poly adds a lively and warm atmosphere to its environment. It creates enjoyable spaces that encourage socialization by differentiating traditional waiting areas.