lounge Chair

Beluga Waiting Lounge Chair

Beluga; defines the seating function of two individuals as space while providing its self-supporting with the arch forms created by the combination of many trusses’ projections on the floor. The inward curves created by the arc forms, which settle on the floor, provide stability of Beluga and enable users to position their legs backward during the seating action.

Bliss Lounge Chair

Bliss offers alternatives to different usage scenarios in the waiting and lobby waiting areas with its comfortable session and naive line.

Crab Chair

The Crab family is a perfect choice for meeting, waiting, training, and seminar areas.

Dem Saloon Waiting Chair

Dem Saloon, which is covered with felt fabric and rising on metal feet, is a seating series with unique, stylish and different lines designed to add aesthetic value to waiting areas. In addition to the difference created by the design with the original "V" form and the addition of magazine, it also brings comfort and warmth.

Flat Waiting Bench Chair

Flat airport bench is a comfort center that meets today's needs. Meeting all user needs, Flat is designed for all public areas where waiting moments are important. The product, which has a suitable structure for the dynamics of architectural spaces with its strong construction and geometry, stands out with its hidden assembly details, elegance and sophisticated style.

Hexa Waiting Sofa

Thanks to its modular structure, it gains ground in many different locations in different combinations. Hexa became a product that is capable of addressing the needs of its user and the environment it is in

Keops Sofa

Reflecting splendor and prestige to your offices with its slim legs, and wide and comfortable sitting area, Keops was designed true to the skyward narrowing silhouette of the pyramids.


Poly multi-purpose armchair family, with its space-saving minimal design, soft texture and curved structure which surrounds the user ; it easily finds a place for itself in all areas of the office, homes, restaurants and hotels. With its different material and color alternatives, Poly adds a lively and warm atmosphere to its environment. It creates enjoyable spaces that encourage socialization by differentiating traditional waiting areas.

Quick Chair

Quick, with its versions suitable for different usage scenarios, offers ideal options for all living spaces, especially for working spaces, meeting rooms, libraries, cafes and social spaces

Rare operational Chair

An operational series office chair, Rare is comprised of mesh backrest frame that caresses the body, soft seat, and adjustable arms. Rare is a must for modern offices with its simple structure.

Zoom Bar Stool

Chrome-plated metal bistro leg adds elegance to environment with artificial leather, fabric and felt upholstery options offering a wide range of color alternatives.