Focus Panel

Focus, it is aimed to create peaceful workspaces that are visually and aurally isolated in open office environments. With its modular structure, many different usage scenarios can be created such as for spontaneous meetings, a comfortable, quiet resting area, isolated work areas … Magazine holder, white board and hanger accessories satisfy overall user / employee needs.

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Focus acoustic panel family, which is designed to provide solutions for acoustic problems in working areas enables different and independent usage areas with its modular structure. Focus Meet, creates semi-closed spaces in open office environments where employees can hold fast and dynamic meetings and exchange their ideas. Focus Flex, increases concentration and employee productivity by preventing sound reflections in the office. Focus Shelves, besides being space divider and sound absorbing features, it can be used as an independent storage and display unit. Focus family which is covered with a fabric produced for acoustic solutions; brings a modern look to working, waiting and resting areas with it’s impressive color options, electrification solutions and accessories.


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Focus Panel

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