Are you looking for office furniture to keep your creative juice flowing?  Whether you are looking for desks for home, small spaces or meeting desks, consider that employees have particular basic needs, such as safety, belonging, team spirit, sense of alliance, and producing value for a purpose. Spatial quality and functionality in office designs has a direct impact on the productivity of individuals and teams.

Puzzle Executive Desk  has been designed with latest trends to meet the needs of the executives who carte about functionality and concentration.

Burotime office furniture boasts a wide range of top-notch furniture designs. With worldwide presence, it is arguably the best office furniture store in Kenya and in East Africa. We encourage you to choose designs that create a balance between work and life and are sustainable considering the various utilisation scenarios in offices. Our desks have features such as adjustable height.

Puzzle Executive Desk  has been designed with latest trends to meet the needs of the executives who carte about functionality and concentration. The executive desk comes in different colors to choose from according to consumer preferences. The storage compartments level up your organization and declutter your space.

Puzzle executive office Desk-Burotime Kenya

The room dimensions are important. Take measurements of the space and choose a product that will blend with available space. At Burotime we have desks which can fit into any space.

The priorities of the business world were kept in mind in creating this executive desk.

Companies in the developing world of business are paying more attention than ever to working in teams. Therefore, coming up with creative solutions that make things easier for environments that several people are working together is something we pay close attention to, and Puzzle is a series that is created with this approach in mind.

Puzzle executive office desk layout ideas

How to maintain your puzzle executive desk.

Puzzle is made of faux leather and wood blended artistically to create a marvel working space.

The Leather surfaces must be regularly dusted to maintain the flair.

If the leather part is spilled on accidentally, dry with a cloth.

Oil stains must first be cleaned with soapy cloth, and then wiped with circular motions using a dry cloth. In case of sectional staining, the whole surface must be cleaned. It is normal for natural leather to go through change over time, but proper maintenance will make your desk look as good as new even after years of use.

If you are looking for office desk and chair set for home or office, Burotime Kenya offers turnkey solutions for all your office furniture needs.

You are sure to get a product to soothe your taste and improve the quality of your life and at the same time.

Puzzle Executive Desk

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