USB Home Office

USB draws its design strength from two upright profiles. These two profiles have the ability to carry shelves, cabinets, tables and arrange them according to the shape of the space. Its modular features, easy assembly details, flexible size, material and layout options allow USB to be used in many areas and sectors such as home-offices, university libraries, dormitories, government offices, shopping malls etc


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USB is combining modern design with functionality and takes its strength from two profile fixed from the floor-to-ceiling or from the floor-to – wall. It can be used as a completely open shelf system with adjusted shelf intervals, according to need and space, also turn into an all-in-one working and storage system with cabinet, drawer and table top additions can be integrated into bottom side of unit. USB saves space by using working and living spaces effectively and can be used as an exhibition-storage unit positioned in front of the wall or as a separator creating semi-transparent spaces. Thanks to its flexible size, module and layout options, it responds to different usage scenarios in homes, offices, waiting areas, stores, libraries and many sectors.

USB Home Office