August 21, 2020
August 21, 2020



Designed to complement the Throne armchair, Throne pouf series can be used anywhere in the office. Aside from a comfortable sitting experience, it creates colorful and fun areas in all kinds of workspaces with its fabric upholstery options of various colors and textures.


  • Fabric

Fabrics should be periodically dusted with a lightly damp cloth. The accumulated dust over the surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In case of stains, they must be wiped with lukewarm water, using cleaners that do not contain intense chemical substances. They should not be brushed.

  • Leather and faux leather

Leather surfaces must be regularly dusted. In the event of getting wet by a liquid, it must be thoroughly dried with a cloth with high absorbency. Oil stains must first be cleaned with soapy cloth, and then wiped with circular motions using a dry cloth. In case of sectional staining, the whole surface must be cleaned. It is normal for natural leather to go through change over time.



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