August 17, 2020
August 17, 2020



Quick which attracts the eye with its vivid colours, combines the elegance of simplicity with its comfort. Quick, with its versions suitable for different usage scenarios, offers ideal options for all living spaces, especially for working spaces, meeting rooms, libraries, cafes and social spaces. Quick mobile, with its ergonomic structure, is ideal for the spaces which require mobility such as active learning areas, home office workspaces, meeting and hotel rooms. Quick barstool, with its chrome-plated, elegant metal frame is suitable option for intimate and informal places such as restaurant and bistro. Quick chair, provides ease of use in places with its simple design, ease of carrying and stacking features.




  • Metal

Metal surfaces must be wiped with cleaners that do not contain abrasives, and then dried with a soft cloth. Cleaning materials with abrasive chemicals, alcohol or those that are solvent-based should not be used on painted metal surfaces.

  • Plastic

You can clean your products periodically with a damp cloth. In the event of getting wet by a liquid, it must be thoroughly dried with a cloth with high absorbency. Oil stains must first be cleaned with soapy cloth, and then wiped with circular motions using a dry cloth.


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