August 14, 2020
August 14, 2020




The Piet series is designed in a way that complements each other with braided leather and upholstery options, but form-wise allowing it to be used along with different languages and products. Aiming to make the user feel dominant and special in their own spaces, this sofa group highlights the idea of a place created with gathered pieces over time with a collector’s spirit.


Leather surfaces must be regularly dusted. In the event of getting wet by a liquid, it must be thoroughly dried with a cloth with high absorbency. Oil stains must first be cleaned with soapy cloth, and then wiped with circular motions using a dry cloth. In case of sectional staining, the whole surface must be cleaned. It is normal for natural leather to go through change over time.
Metal surfaces must be wiped with cleaners that do not contain abrasives, and then dried with a soft cloth. Cleaning materials with abrasive chemicals, alcohol or those that are solvent-based should not be used on painted metal surfaces.


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