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What is it to be a Bürotime employee?


We regularly perform performance assessments and we apply employee specific career development plans which are based on the feedback of managers. These assessments also play a role in finding methods for the employees to enhance their personal performance. 

A project was prepared for the training of our internal trainers as a step toward the creation of the foundation for Bürotime Academy.; 

- The employees can also attend to those open trainings if they need and demand it.
- The Company’s advisors provide their own trainings in connection with the on-going projects.

 The capabilities, abilities and performance of an employee are important factors in the determination of career possibilities. Within the organizational structure of Bürotime each position and title has been assigned a job description and specific authorities and responsibilities depending on the job description. In that regard, the career possibilities of all employees are planned with the inclusion of on-site trainings, personal development trainings and technical trainings. Minimum experience periods are also determined for that purpose.



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