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After-Sales Services

Free maintenance and service for all the products produced by Bürotime is provided by the dealers during the validity period of the guarantee. The maintenance and service is provided by our dealers as free of charge for the defects and breakdowns due to the shipment or production.

Architectural Project Designing

In order to facilitate your work, Office Furniture and Office Chair brand Bürotime provides architectural project designing service for your offices through the technical personnel of its dealers. Our architects and interior designers in Bürotime stores prepare projects on the computer environment according to the architectural project or the dimensions of your office (no matter how large it is) and assist you in the selection of the most appropriate Bürotime furniture for your office and viewing these as three-dimensional on the computer environment.

Shipment and Set up

The shipment and set up of the products which you had purchased form Bürotime is provided as free of charge by our Dealers within the borders of the city.



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