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Quality System

Our Integrated Management System Plan;

As Bürotime; we aim to act in compliance with the laws with our Integrated Management System which we had formed within the direction of our vision, mission, ethics policy and work ethics rules, to acquire the trust of our shareholders and to become an efficient, reliable brand that continuously.

Within the frame of this purpose, We Undertake;

▪ to be customer-focused and to provide continuity in meeting the expectations of the customers,
▪ to develop systems in order to form a safe work environment and to take the required measures,
▪ to focus on protection of our natural environment and to respect human and environment,
▪ to decrease wastes, to increase recycling rate, to use natural sources and energy efficiently,
▪ to follow up the technological developments, to make designs and developments in our products / processes,
▪ to structure in a way to enable intervention in case of emergency,
▪ to comply with the laws, regulations and other conditions,
▪ to be transparent in our applications for our shareholders,

and to increase the awareness of our employees and to provide the efficiency of our Integrated Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 18001 and to develop these continuously.



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