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Chairmans Message

To write a success story...

Office Furniture and Office Chair brand Bürotime is the product of a never-ending energy, determination for applying the correct strategies, the investment made to the quality during the time from the stage of design until the production of the products

As Bürotime team, we realized long-term targets in a very short time such as 14 years. Today, as the leading office furniture producer of Türkiye, we are very happy and proud to present the products that ease the biz of the millions of companies worldwide, with our well-trained, professional team having a global vision and our modern service concept.

Now, when we look back from this point which we had reached, we see one thing which did not change in our company while our design and production concept developed simultaneously in line with the whole world, and that is our determination.   

Hüseyin Tosunoğlu



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