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Business Ethic Rules


Responsibility Toward The Customers:

To develop functional, efficiency rising, ergonomic and environmentally and health friendly products by conducting continuous development and research activities and to provide those products, services and solutions that could meet the customer requirements for quality, safety and environmental awareness. 

To apply the principle of transparency, honesty and sincerity in all relations with our customers and to deliver the products on a timely basis according to the conditions undertaken by us 

To communicate with our customers in line with respect, justice, equality and courtesy rules 

Responsibility Toward The Suppliers:

To approach our suppliers with respect and fairness 

To use our best efforts and diligence in order to fulfill all our responsibilities before the suppliers on a timely basis 

To keep the confidentiality of all documentation issued under our relations with the persons and companies with which we make business as well as the documentation of our business partnership.

Responsibility Toward The Company:

To protect the company’s investments and work for continuous re-cycling 

To conduct business in compliance with financial discipline and accountability and manage our resources and assets in an efficient manner that calls for savings

Social Responsibility:

As a lead Office Furniture and Office Chair brand Bürotime operate and manage our business as a member of the society having social responsibility and act in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in all areas of activity. To be respectful to the human rights established in the world and support the protection of these rights. 

To provide support to continuous development and be sensitive to the social needs. For that purpose, to develop, implement or support the projects for training, health and environmental issues.



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